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Idea Stage Accelerator
Empowering Innovation: Launching Ideas into the US Market

Join FutureLab VC acceleration program and  propel your tech ideas onto the global stage. Receive a 10,000 GEL investment to validate your concept and develop an MVP for the US market. Benefit from a 3-month training program led by experts from UC Berkeley and Silicon Valley, gaining insights on US market success. Plus, access follow-on investments from regional and US VC funds, along with support from top partners like Terminal Co-working, Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and more.


Year expertise in accelerating the growth of 100+ startups

why FutureLab VC Accelerator




Partner regional VC Funds

In teaching entrepreneurship worlwide - UC Berkeley is our partner

Investment for initial prototype development

Whom We Are Looking For

  • We are seeking innovative individuals and teams from Georgia with technical, business, or industrial backgrounds who have the potential to create a new technological product or service for one of the world's largest markets - USA market; 

  • You could have only an idea or MVP (Minimal Viable Product - Prototype) to be accepted to FutureLab;

  • It is preferable if you have a technical partner (Software Developer) on the team who can assist in developing the initial MVP;

  • Startups should not replicate existing projects or have analogs; if analogs exist, the project must offer significant improvements;

  • When exploring your startup's idea, don't focus solely on the problem, also, examine how actively a social identity group is forming around this idea, such as trends in mental health, veganism, AI, and other technologies that enhance productivity;

  • Beyond trendiness, your product should offer a unique solution that significantly improves productivity, reduces time, or cuts costs for processes or products;

  • Use to verify the uniqueness of your idea and ensure that it can be technically implemented. Also, consider how you plan to generate revenue.



Rhonda Shrader - Lean Launch

Executive Director of the Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program as well as the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program for the Bay Area Node


Gauthier Vasseur - Fundamentals of Business Analytics

Executive Director - Berkeley Fisher Center, CEO and Founder - Data Wise Academy


Jeff Wallace - Founder and CEO of Global Kinetics

A mentor and advisor to several Silicon Valley technology accelerators where he
advises early to mid-stage companies.


Kal Deutsch - Partner, Silicon Valley in Your Pocket

An international startup lecturer and coach, has worked with entrepreneurs at

global incubators and accelerators.

How We Will Support You If You Are Accepted Into Our Accelerator and VC Fund

  • Our program is divided into two stages: a 1-month Pre-acceleration and a 2-month Acceleration process;

  • We will select 40 teams at the outset;

  • We will sign a contract with each team, acquiring a 6% equity stake in each startup at an initial valuation of $400,000 (Valuation Cap);

  • The Pre-acceleration program consists of a 1-month customer discovery and validation process in the US market, led by experts from UC Berkeley Haas IBI;

  • During this process, you will test your potential in the US market with minimal resources by interacting with real customers and companies;

  • After one month, we will decide based on the results who will continue to the additional 2-month Acceleration phase with leading experts and practitioners from UC Berkeley, Silicon Valley, and globally;

  • Only 26 teams will advance, and each will receive a 10,000 GEL investment for initial prototype development for the US market also will get access to the Terminal Co-working space for operation;

  • Only these 26 teams will have the opportunity to present their product on Demo Day;

  • Each team will receive an investment of $24,000 in cash and in-kind contributions. (10.000 GEL cash + Inkind contribution in form of an acceleration program and access to the partner's resources and technologies)

  • If startups do not present reasonable terms after completing the program, they will be obligated to return all contributions received during the Pre-acceleration and Acceleration phases, including the total financial contribution of $24,000;

  • Startups that present their projects successfully will receive additional benefits from FutureLab for next-stage financing attraction and product development;

  • All other teams (not accepted to the second round and 2-month acceleration) will gain access to our online program, and technological partners' benefits and they become part of our Central Eurasia Venture community with access to regional VCs, but will not receive cash investment (10.000GEL) from the fund;

  • Startups not selected for the second stage—the 2-month acceleration—will retain only a 5% equity share.

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