Curriculum for Schools and VET to start teaching Specialities of the Future

Over the next 20 years, we will experience

as much change in the way we work as

we have in the previous 2,000 years.

In order to succeed while facing the changes and challenges, students need to gain completely new skills in order to keep up
with the new opportunities.

The schools should prepare and support pupils
for the upcoming advanced technological era.

The schools should prepare and support pupils
for the upcoming advanced technological era.

Future Laboratory Offers:

We can develop following future specialities program for 12K grade schools:

  • Visual Programming / Programming;

  • Coding with robots;

  • 3D Pen and art;

  • Microelectronics and engineering;

  • Industrial robots programming;

  • 3D modelling and printing;

  • Drone programming;

  • Personal fabrication with Fablab.

Future Specialities teaching program integration for 1-12 Grades

Our company spent more than 1 year to develop new curriculums for future specialities teaching.

The Curriculums are based on best lessons that exists in developing countries and on best teaching practices. 

We also integrated Project based learning (PBL) in our curriculum and kids can get 21st century skills. 

Curriculums for future specialities teaching 

If your School or organization don't have staff for teaching of future specialities, we'll help you to recruit staff, do trainings for them and organize workshops for them to have practical knowledge before starting of teaching process. 

Our company gives them future specialities curriculum and will check their teaching quality every time.

Training of Trainers

Be the next game changer !

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