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Sales and Go-to-Market strategies for Innovative Companies

Duration: 6 week / 10 hours

Frequency: 2 meeting per week

Format: Online (Zoom)

Training Starts: 2 Octomber

Price: 1050 GEL

Course description

With this course, startup founders can unlock the art of strategic market entry. Participants can
discover the vital connection between strategy and tactics, delving into a startup's strategic
choices, ideal client profiling, and crafting compelling value propositions. Then, they can explore
the realm of sales tactics, from building a revenue model and creating a sales funnel to honing
cold calling skills, negotiations, and objection handling. They can elevate sales with this hands-
on, action-packed course and develop their market entry strategy.

After completing this course participants will:

● Master Strategic Alignment: Seamlessly connect strategy and tactics for effective sales
● Precision in Targeting: Craft precise client profiles, focusing on relevant audience
● Optimize Sales Funnels: Construct efficient sales pathways, maximizing revenue
● Enhance Communication and navigate with Confidence: Master emails, campaigns, and
engagement tactics.Expertly handle calls, negotiations, and objections
● Secure Successful Transactions: Employ proven strategies for transaction success.
● Boost Efficiency: Utilize sales hacks and industry best practices.

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Artem Yaremchuk


A serial entrepreneur and a T-shaped sales and operations leader with over 13 years of a successful track record in building and scaling tech companies sales from 0 to $10MM. His recent company, Attendify, was acquired by Hopin, the fastest-growing unicorn. He is a Venture Partner at Pragmatech and angel Venture Investor.

Artem earned his MBA from Warwick Business School and is passionate about combining his hands-on entrepreneurial
experience with academic knowledge to assist startups with their Go-to-Market Strategies.



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